Fascinated by all things digital.
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What I do

Search Engine Optimisation

I optimise content and stay ahead of the most recent SEO best practices.


I find the right way to join the right audience.

Creative and Strategic Work

I love finding the compromise between creativity and performance.

Digital Marketing

I work with Social Media and online platforms.


I love learning and I learn easily by myself.

New articles on my blog.

Blog articles written after four coffees. Never before.
April 11, 2022
Selected Posts - /r/UnearthedArcana
April 11, 2022
Breaking the rules correctly: changing the rules of D&D 5e on /r/UnearthedArcana

For my Master’s Thesis, I study why tabletop role-playing game players change the rules of that type of game. During my Video Games and Society course at UQÀM, I decided to work on a small-scale qualitative study related to my subject by studying the rule modification practices of a small online community. This article is […]

May 24, 2021
Canonizing my player’s backstories: The Vampires of Varmand campaign

This is an after-action report about my backstory canonization method, in my "Vampire of Varmand" campaign.

My Education

Master's Degree in Communication - Video games and Gamification

Université du Québec à Montréal - Master's degree

Applied Communication - Cooperative specialization in writing

Université of Sherbrooke - Bachelor's degree

History and civilization

Cegep of Sherbrooke - Diplôme d'études collégiales (DEC)
One of the most recent additions to UQÀM’s Master’s Degree program in Communication Studies, the video games and gamification concentration studies the emergence and development of video games from a communicational, social, cultural, and cognitive point of view.

We also cover subjects such as the effects and design of gamification, how users learn video games, how players use them, the dynamics of online video game communities and the phenomenon of video game immersion.

My current research interests are centered on how players interpret, challenge and modify the rules of tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.
Professional training in communication. Focused on the mastery of French writing, as well as creative, serious and advertising content.
The degree also covers media placement, planification of communication, the foundations of marketing, web analytics and creative advertising copywriting.
Study of Western history. Especially focused on historical research, historical popularization and foundational Western philosophical texts.
The degree also covers argumentative writing, seminar animation and study of the great periods of Western history.

My experiences

Ineat Canada

16 week paid internship
Montréal. Winter 2020.

Social Media and Marketing Manager

  • Create a marketing communication strategy
  • Coordinate production of content marketing
  • Write the corporate website's content

Cirque du Soleil

16 week paid internship and freelance work
Montréal. 2019.

Webmaster and SEO optimisation

  • Apply SEO best practices to various websites
  • Organize the publication of new content
  • Optimize content for search engines

Canimex Group

16 week paid internship
Drummondville. Fall 2018.

Marketing communication intern

  • Design B2B marketing strategies and initiatives
  • Coordinate communication initiatives for recruitment and partnerships
  • Write content for social media, sponsorship messages and advertisements

Drummondville Voltigeurs

4 week unpaid internship
Drummondville. Summer 2018.

Communication intern

  • Produce promotional material for the launch of a AAA hockey school (poster, brochure, web page) (affiche, brochure, page Web)
  • Produce visuals for social media
  • Write official documents and various contents

General and computer skills

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Adobe Premiere
Microsoft Office
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Analysis tools / SEO

Google Analytics
Facebook Analytics

Web tools

Oxygen Builder
Salient Builder
HTML5/CSS (the basics)
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