Random facts about me.

We don’t know each other yet. Let’s change that. Here is a preview of who I am, in a few bullet points.
  • I frequently organize Dungeons & Dragons games.

  • I listen to way too many video essays on YouTube.

  • I don’t follow most popular shows. I still try to avoid spoilers. Yeah, I live life in hard mode.

  • If I listen to a song three times, it inevitably becomes my favorite.

  • Some people skydive. The extreme sport I like is rubbing my face against animals I’m allergic to.

  • Human names are the best for animals. Robert the Golden Retriever. Sophie the cat. John the Parrot. Yeah, you get it.

  • I really want a smart watch, but I don’t know why it would be useful.

  • Favorite movie : Blade Runner 2049.

  • I think everyone should try Diplomacy. It’s the most captivating way to lose friends.

  • Random trivia sticks to me like crazy.

  • Hobby 1 : History. I’m still proud of my final project in Cégep.

  • Hobby 2 : Design. I love discovering the decisions that go into making a product.

  • I am constantly fascinated by all of the beautiful things possible because of the Internet.

  • I would love participating in a Alternate Reality Game, or, better, work on one.

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