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April 11, 2022
Breaking the rules correctly: changing the rules of D&D 5e on /r/UnearthedArcana

For my Master’s Thesis, I study why tabletop role-playing game players change the rules of that type of game. During my Video Games and Society course at UQÀM, I decided to work on a small-scale qualitative study related to my subject by studying the rule modification practices of a small online community. This article is […]

May 24, 2021
Canonizing my player’s backstories: The Vampires of Varmand campaign

This is an after-action report about my backstory canonization method, in my "Vampire of Varmand" campaign.

May 24, 2021
Making backstories canon: creating stories with your players

The "method" I developed to create more involved backstories with my players in Dungeons and Dragons.

May 23, 2021
Modifying the rules of Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Those that know me might know that I am slightly fascinated by tabletop role-playing games. Fascinated enough, at least, to make it into my research subject for my master’s thesis. This article is my attempt to summarize my research subject, which I am about to dedicate a whole year of my life to. I’m not […]

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